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Theatre Academy, 2023
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Photos: Val Nevalainen & Iina Lallo

Room (noun)
= a part of the inside of a building that is separated from other parts by walls, floor, and ceiling
= the amount of space that someone or something needs
= space available for something
spatial poem, a study of a body in between the space and the poem


Huone (A Room) explores poetry and performance art as a lens to investigate relativity between a body and a space. Within the form of spatial poem Huone examines the bodily experience of otherness through poetry and immersive scenographic scenes. The text, sound, spatiality and visuality of the work search through rich but minimalistic sceneries to find compassion and togetherness from where it had been lost.


Consept, text, spatial design & performing: Aino Kontinen

Costume design: Hilla Ruuska

Lighting design: Lyydia Johansson

Sound design: Laura Palanne


Premiered on 31.11.2023 at University of the Arts Helsinki Theatre Academy.

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