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Theatre Academy, 2022

Photos: Aino Kontinen

Biu travels to Bangkok to meet their mother, who do they find in the end?

Räkänokka is a fantastic and soft drama about the gaps between generations, disappearance of oneself, hiding, homophobia, shame, setting boundaries and existence.

Räkänokka is like a runny nose and there is no paper to be found. Räkänokka is cockroach vibes: still here and not going anywhere.

Directed & written by Susi Siriya Orenius

Dramaturg: Martta Jylhä

Costume design: Suvi Kajas

MUA: Anna-Reeta Impola

Lighting design: Lyydia Johansson

Sound design: Alina Ostrogradskaya

Spatial & video design: Aino Kontinen

On stage: Nana Sajets, Aleksandra Gustafsson, Namwaan Yingsuksantisuk

Premiered on 16.9.2022 at University of the Arts Helsinki Theatre Academy.

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