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Rakkaalleni (To my love)


Facade renovation locks young woman inside her apartment. During a reconstruction of her home and herself she writes a letter to her loved one.


Rakkaalleni (To my love) is a documentary audiovisual mosaic created amid a painful period of depression. The images and the text were built around each other, based on my journal-like entries, as a consolation to myself. The film is a breath of air from inside of a repair process, a promise of a return.

Video & text: Aino Kontinen

Sound design & composition: Kira Siuruainen

Duartion: 5:03 minutes

Supported by Konstsamfundet

Awards: Most Unique Vision Jury Award at AIMAFF

The film has been presented as part of Generation 2023 exhibition at Amos Rex art museum on 29.3-20.8.2023, as part of Démodé exhibition at SKC Gallery on 22.-26.11.2023 and screened internationally at multiple video art and film festivals.

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