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toechter - Epic Wonder


Collaboration between the Berlin based string ensemble toechter and Finnish lens-based artist Aino Kontinen

Music video "Epic Wonder" by Aino Kontinen

Album & single covers

Photography: Aino Kontinen

Graphic design: Studio Workshop

"Epic Wonder seeks for connections. Connections between people, between humans, animals, plants, fungus, rocks, soil, oceans, ice caps, stars, planets. We are all part of the same organism. Epic Wonder is a dream, a wish, a longing for kinship between all species sharing the world - all that is alive.Creating the music for this work, we allowed ourselves to waft away with the aspiration that connections are possible. Sometimes dwelling on subtle, yet marveling phenomena like the evening fog covering a valley on Midsummer, sometimes on grandiose splendors like the genesis of mountains or the birth of a child - letting interactions and encounters with other beings float through the musical universe as drips of emotional perceptivity.

For the visual manifestation of »Epic Wonder«, toechter has engaged with Finnish up-and-coming lens-based artist Aino Kontinen. Her work will grace both the cover art of the album and accompany the first single and video as an ephemeral tale in motion."


Released by Morr Music 2023

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